Re: Volunteers Wanted for Advocacy Task

From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 20:57:44 CDT

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 04:00 pm, Alan Dechert wrote:
> Thanks, Ed.
> Here's the idea. We're getting people in state and local
> governments to send around this message to others. I have
> just done a small amount so there isn't much danger of overlap
> or redundancy right now (I started with CT). Let me know in
> some way who you have contacted so I can coordinate with
> others.

United States Counties

NACo collects information on counties, such as county officials,
courthouse addresses, county seats, cities in a county.
County Officials by Position Search

Select a State and County Official Position and hit Search.
Note: Select "All States" to search for the selected position for
all counties in the U.S.

Election Officials in all States
562 Records Found

Purchasing Director in all States
372 Records Found

County Administrator, Manager in all States
963 Records Found

and so on.

# Political Resources Online

    * Searchable list of over 3000 political products and
services (e.g. pollsters, posters)
          o Approach by specialty, geography, party, and name
    * Calendar of upcoming events, including conventions, state
    * Web sites of federal, state, and local candidates
searchable by a combination of national/local, party, state, and
month of election

# Project Vote Smart

    * Candidates and Elected Officials has section on Governors
and Legislators, arranged by state
    * Brief biographical information and answers to the National
Political Awareness Test as available

# Secretary of State Offices (Political Resources)

    * Links to state Secretary of State offices
    * Individual web sites often have campaign information and
election results

> I suggest trying a variety of searches to find lists of state
> and local government contacts I found a number of neat lists
> with a search on "list of contacts at state and local
> governments." "County executive" might be a good target.
> County Supervisor might also be good--maybe emphasize cost
> savings with them. If you find someone that sounds especially
> good, it might be worth it to call them on the phone first or
> just after you send the email. If you like, I can give you a
> calling card to cover long distance charges or just give me
> the phone number and I will call (I have flat-rate unlimited
> long distance).

We will need more than just you and me to hit these thousands of
targets. Perhaps it is time to put out a wider call for
volunteers. Or perhaps we would do better to write articles for
the publications these officials read. We should certainly talk
to a PR firm about all this. I can suggest

Gaughen Global Public Relations
Barbara Gaughen Muller
7456 Evergreen Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA
Phone: 805 968-8567, Fax: 805 968-5747

John Mozena, CAUCE VP Public Relations <>
Principal, Motech Public Relations

Edward Cherlin
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