Re: OVC Architecture Decision Tree

From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 16:14:34 CDT

On Sunday 27 June 2004 05:15 pm, Alan Dechert wrote:
> Here's something I've intended to do for a long time: I would
> like to show all the pieces of the OVC architecture as a
> series of logical decisions. Starting with the most basic
> parts of the idea, show why the decision was made. Then
> proceed through the various other decision points.
> I started to draft a decision tree. I put the decision in
> rectangles and the reasons in rounded boxes.

Can we use an editable format? I would suggest Visio Pro, for
which there is a Free equivalent, kivio, that runs on Linux and

> This is just a start! Would anyone like to take on this task?
> I think it would be a useful document to show how and why the
> OVC architecture is the way it is.
> Alan D.

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