Re: Our Wiki just got hijacked

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 12:07:16 CDT

> So long as anyone can force a rollback or add changes, there is
> potential trouble. Note, for example, that there is some big
> money opposing the application of any open-source requirement to
> voting.

What trouble!? We just rollback to a good version. It doesn't matter
if casino-online were a front for Diebold or Microsoft, really... we
can rollback just the same, either way. Good old Revision 20 of the
homepage will always exist, no matter who makes what changes.

Of course, if we start to find that our site is vandalized every day
(or say, every five minutes by a bot), we need to worry about that
administratively. Add some passwords or something. But even then,
it's just a hassle to go make the programming changes, and force
authorized users to go through some extra steps... it still doesn't
lose any correct content from that most revered Revision 20.

I think, Doug, you've gotten carried away about worrying about code
attacks, and falsely transfer an analogous concern to what is, after
all, just a discussion site.

The social structure of well used Wikis is quite a wonderful thing--one
of the great successes of anarchy. For example, Wikipedia is an
amazing reference site, with millions of users, and tens of thousands
of entries. The whole thing is AT LEAST as high quality as commercial
publications like Encyclopedia Brittanica... when there is vandalism,
from time to time, it is usually fixed within *minutes*.
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