Re: Our Wiki just got hijacked

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 11:57:20 CDT

Hello All:
     I have been including the scholarly papers that have been recently produced so in a way the flow has been to the Wiki, not from the Wiki. What do people feel is the appropriate use of the Wiki, are they reasonably happy with what is showing up there (other than the recent hijack) and are there things they would like to see? I have not actually been able to get around to my main Wiki project which is to extract the consensus generated in previous correspondence. I apologize for this lack of progress but, my wife is starting a new business and I find that I am wily-nily, her chief technology officer.
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

David Mertz <> wrote:
> This has always been the greatest danger of the Wiki model. The OVC
> documentation needs to be controlled by the OVC, and we really do need
> a gatekeeper or a team of gatekeepers for the documentation.

Doug may have missed the fact that Wikis, including ours, has rollback
of changes.

A Wiki is closer to a discussion list than it is to formal publication.
Obviously, if we want to publish material that emerges on a Wiki more
formally, the publisher should -read- what they copy over :-). For
example, if Arthur includes some Wiki content in our academic papers,
he'll be sure to make sure it isn't actually an ad for a gambling site
before submitting the paper to a journal. Or even just if we copy
something to the FAQ or other web page.

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