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Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 11:05:54 CDT


Generally with Wiki's there's more value in being open to easy participation
than in keeping out antisocial types, because the 'cost' of rolling back a
page is pretty minimal. But if we see more of this, and we decide that we
want to be more locked down, we could add authentication -- the Wiki we're
running (UseMod) is pretty simple and doesn't have access control, but we
could either configure the web server to require authentication or we could
move to the Drupal Wiki module.

- LP

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> I just visited the Wiki and found that the entire contents have been
> deleted and replaced with a single link to the following:
> While I have deleted this link (which actually went nowhere) I'm
> unable to restore the previous contents. 

To restore the vandalized content, click on RecentChanges at top. View
the changes. In this case, Revision 21 was the vandalization, so I
clicked on Revision 20, edited it (not actually changing anything), and

If you find other vandalized content, follow a similar procedure. If
we find that the vandalization really does become unmanageable, maybe
passwords are appropriate. I didn't set up the Wiki though, so I'm not
certain how to do that--I think it was Laird that did, my memory is
fuzzy now.

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