Need voting events on video--do you have any?

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 14:23:23 CDT

This could be a good place to offload some of that high-resolution
stuff from the April Santa Clara Demo... -Joe

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From: Dennis Paull <dpaull_at_svpal_dot_org>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:11:46 -0700
Subject: [berkeleyforum] Need voting events on video--do you have any?
To:, Berkeley Forum

Hi all,

Do you have any personal videos of e-voting related events? They are

needed for a new film on voting machines.

Dennis Paull


From: "Katherine Forrest"

To: "Paull, Dennis" <>

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 10:05:05 -0700


Commonweal Institute and other members of the
Democracy Media Project are producing a full-length documentary exposÚ
film, Votergate, It is designed to encourage the widespread
public outcry that will be needed to motivate officials to take timely
action to ensure voting integrity in this critical election year.
The targeted national release date into theaters is at the end of


You can make an important contibution to
Votergate by contibuting additional video content. We
already have over 75 hours on film, but want to be sure we identify and
include the best footage available.


To let you know what the film will be
like, Votergate will be a fast-paced, entertaining, cinema
veritÚ feature film geared to the general public. It shows many different
ordinary people, of varied ethnic backgrounds and education levels--not
just the experts--in real-life situations. It has an ideal story line for
today's world, showing how ordinary people have taken the initiative in
uncovering corporate and official incompetence and chicanery, and
successfully doing something about it. Votergate does cover
the key factual points about e-voting that people need to know, but does
so in a way that engages the audience and makes them intensely concerned
about what's going on.


Because Votergate is a low-budget
film and e-voting related events are continuing to happen all over our
large country, we have not been able to have our film crew out there to
capture every interesting event. And because of Votergate's
cinema veritÚ (real live action) approach, we cannot just arrange staged
intervews. We need video recordings of actual events--those that have
already happened, and those that will be occurring during coming months.


Have you videotaped or recorded on your digital recorder any
voting-related scenes? If so, we would very much appreciate your
letting us know what you have and sharing it with us if appropriate.


Examples might be scenes in or around polling places, people voting or
counting ballots, a local election official speaking, someone trying to
use an electronic voting machine and having trouble, voting machines
being moved into someone's garage, a public demonstration against
e-voting, a courtroom setting or something related to an e-voting
lawsuit, polling place "watchdogs", set-up of voting equipment,
printing-out of vote tallies, etc. We would be
particularly interested in videos of people or facilities associated with
the equipment vendors or the testing labs--a whistle blower, a speech by
a company official, workers talking about their jobs or their products,
workers manufacturing or testing items.


Please take your video recorder with you if you
are going to be in any e-voting settings in the next few months (e.g.,
Mischelle Townsend's final press conference, a public official's
announcement of an e-voting event, a small meeting of local people
talking about e-voting and their thoughts/concerns/plans, an election in
which voting machines are going to be used). You never know when some
juicy tidbit will be captured -- consider the Rodney King beating in Los
Angeles a few years ago. An overall humdrum event might yield one or two
real gems, when seen from the perspective of the film director. Events
any time through the end of this year would be appropriate to film, as we
intend to produce a follow-on DVD version of
Votergate that covers the time period through the November


Please also spread the word about this
Votergate project to your friends and colleagues, in case
they have some footage they would be willing to contribute.


Anyone person or organization that contributes
video footage used in Votergate will be acknowledged in the
film, unless they choose not to be. We will also sign an agreement
with you for the terms of use of your video material.


Please let me know as soon as possible what you
have, including length, format, and general description of content. If
you are planning to be in situations in which you would be willing to do
some recording, please let me know that, too. Thanks!




Katherine Forrest, MD


Commonweal Institute

325 Sharon Park Drive, Suite 332

Menlo Park, CA 94025

650-854-9796 (voice)

650-854-8132 (fax)

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