Re: Summary paper ballot

From: james_in_denver <james_in_denver_at_hotpop_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 00:51:35 CDT

I am not a lawyer, though I am hopeful that others working on this
effort are either in consultation with legal counsel, or at least know
someone more versed in the law.

I would strongly encourage that this topic be reviewed by legal counsel
before releasing diagrams, models, flowcharts, or statements, to any
outside individual or organization. This is a pretty fundamental issue
to the entire OVC project. This decision will drive several design,
functionality, and implementation, features down the road.

I have strong feelings on this topic for the "human readable" printed
text being the "official" ballot, Everything else merely adds
audit/tabulation functionality. When push comes to shove in a recount or
courtroom, only one of my previously three mentioned options CAN be
considered as the indication of voters' intentions. Better to choose
that now, than have someone else interpret or decide for us.

James Acomb


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