Re: Summary paper ballot

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 16:21:01 CDT

charlie strauss <> wrote:
|There has been some discussion on whether "summary paper ballot" or
|"paper summary ballot" is a better term.

Let's please agree herewith to push the phrase "Summary Paper Ballot" in
talking with reporters, legislators, and the like.

I don't feel that strongly about the word order, but this one sounds
slightly better to me. As it does to Charlie, Alan, and everyone else
who has opined, with the exception of Arthur. We should choose this
standard usage, and stick with it.

There are several oppositions to keep in mind when explaining the term
(I mentioned this already). Firstly, "Paper Ballot" is very different
from "Electronic Ballot" or "On-Screen Ballot."

A Summary Ballot is different from a "Full Ballot" (whether that Full
Ballot is pre-printed with a voter filling in boxes, or printed
verbosely onto plain paper at a voting station).

All the combinations are possible:

  Summary Paper Ballot (the OVC system)
  Full Paper Ballot (not OVC design, but nothing terrible)
  Summary On-Screen Ballot (presented at end of DRE voting: BAD)
  Full On-Screen Ballot (ditto, modula GUI interface details)

Of course, the OVC design still has one or more "Ballot Entry Screens"
in the touchscreen interface (the RII doesn't really give a meaning to
this). Those BESs superficially resemble screens that a DRE might use,
but they are, for OVC, merely helpful widgets to create the real (paper)
ballot. OVC may well use a Summary On-Screen Ballot Entry Screen--say
right before the voter sees a "Print Now" button (or maybe not, but that
detail is inessential here).

Yours, David...
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