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From: james_in_denver <james_in_denver_at_hotpop_dot_com>
Date: Sat Jun 26 2004 - 14:20:10 CDT

I wrote to Kurt last night, letting him know about a couple of things I
have been working on. Obviously I replied in a followup letter to the
general mailing list instead of Kurt individually. I did not make a
general pronouncement because I do not wish to set any expectations, or
make commitments that I may not be able to fulfill.

That being said, I have been working on a few tasks for the OVC project.
Primarily my efforts have been focused on:

1) CD media that boots from CDrom and runs in memory only (similar to
knoppix) and uses the NSA "Secure Linux" kernel. The CDRom is encrypted
to prevent substitution of "foreign" media, and only runs in memory, it
does not require, use, or otherwise modify any data on hard-disks. As a
matter of fact, the hard disk drivers are not even included on this
CDRom. This task is completed. It boots and runs the demo (without sound
support yet). It will print ballots (currently only on parallel port,
postscript compatible printers). For demonstration purposes, it runs,
supports EVM2003, and prints ballots. This will allow anyone to drop a
CD into a COTS computer and run the demo. It should run on any COTS
Intel or AMD based PC that meets these minimum requirements: 256M ram,
SVGA video card, monitor with resolution of 1280x1024, and a paralell
attached postscript printer. I have successfully tested it on my two
computers at home (without USB printer support at this time).

2) I have also been working on a front-end editor that will enable
someone to enter the ballot selections to be used on the aforementioned
CDrom. I think this is important in that it will show that OVC (or
anyone else for that matter), can generate the data required for a
"real" vote. (in progress)

3) A process that will automatically generate the CDRom mentioned in
item 1 above and that incorporates the customized ballot from item 2

I prefer not to commit to a timeframe for completion of these tasks,
however things are going very well, and I am making rapid progress.

My point of view is to create a minimal, functional system and then
submit that system to the crucible of peer review.

James Acomb,

On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 00:45, james_in_denver wrote:
> Kurt,
> Previous email is not intended for OVC email list distribution. I prefer
> to work on the afore-mentioned topics and develop that system before a
> general announcement. I do not want to set expectations before I
> complete the efforts that I am working on. I sincerely hope that when I
> complete the items mentioned in my previous email that the end result
> will be a usable (within the constraints mentioned in my previous email)
> demonstration and/or alpha release, that will run on just about any COTS
> system.
> James

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