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Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 03:01:29 CDT

At 3:18 PM -0700 6/24/04, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>The Commonwealth Club and the League of Women Voters Los Altos
>Mountain View Area are interested in hearing from us and seeing
>how our system works. Your contact is Ashley Hull, who is active
>in both. She was one of those who forced the national LWV
>leadership at their recent meeting to drop the claim that DREs
>are safe, and begin a genuine study of the matter, as LWV policy
>requires before the League takes a public stand on an important
>public issue.
>Ashley Hull <>
>Chapter Vice President
>+1 650 283 2808 cell

I'll follow up with her. Thanks.

> is seeking writers who can explain the trust
>and security issues in voting systems, and the differences
>between systems, without getting too tech-y. She would like
>articles about voting systems worldwide.
>Solana Larsen, Editor
>Solana Larsen <>

I think it would be helpful to put together a survey of worldwide
electronic voting systems. It could be added to the DGOV paper
before publication (if it's accepted).

And it would be worthwhile putting together an article on trust and
security issues. I'd be happy to lead writing efforts on those
issues. I think that the work we did collaboratively on writing the
other two papers was successful.

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