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Last Saturday evening, I was a pinch hit speaker at my chapter of the Military Officers' Association of America (formerly known as The Retired Officers' Association). Our scheduled speaker, a General, was called away. Unbeknownst to me, the wife of one the retired officers is a former State-level leader in the League of Women Voters and is part of the movement advocating VVPAT. It was a pleasure to be seated near her at the head table.

I believe their resolution calls for a manually recountable paper ballot. Barbara certainly used that terminology. I told Barbara that as far as I know "recountable" is not a word in the English language, but that considering I started using it in 1986, I felt flattered. BTW -- I just checked Miriam Webster online. It says "recountable" isn't in the dictionary. But I bet it will be soon.

There are many advocates of VVPAT and the numbers grow continually.


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> The Commonwealth Club and the League of Women Voters Los Altos
> Mountain View Area are interested in hearing from us and seeing
> how our system works. Your contact is Ashley Hull, who is active
> in both. She was one of those who forced the national LWV
> leadership at their recent meeting to drop the claim that DREs
> are safe, and begin a genuine study of the matter, as LWV policy
> requires before the League takes a public stand on an important
> public issue.
> Ashley Hull
> Chapter Vice President
> +1 650 283 2808 cell
> is seeking writers who can explain the trust
> and security issues in voting systems, and the differences
> between systems, without getting too tech-y. She would like
> articles about voting systems worldwide.
> Solana Larsen, Editor
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