Re: Renewed call for "Daily OVC" mailing list

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 15:17:38 CDT

I'm on travel today. I'll set up a list called something like
OVC-news and put it up on tomorrow. I think it does not
need to be daily. Thanks.

Best regards,

At 2:05 PM -0400 6/24/04, David Mertz wrote:
>The article I wrote for developerWorks on the XML formats of EVM2003
>will probably appear tomorrow. My hunch is that it will attract
>significant traffic to the OVC site. Not the deluge of Slashdot,
>but definitely noticeable (it will be slower to pick up; dW articles
>tend to get re-cited by various blogs, mailing lists, programmer's
>websites, and the like... each new backlink will generate hits, but
>they take a week or two to propogate).
>Anyway, I have a really clear idea already about what my readers
>will be asking. Just about all of them will want to follow OVC
>events (like that great CA Assembly resolution), but not be swamped
>by the intricate discussions on the main mailing list. At this
>point, I'll just have to tell interested people that they're out of
>luck :-(.
>The solution, of course, is either updating the News section much
>more frequently and/or creating a moderated "Daily OVC" mailing list
>of the sort I mentioned before. I think the second is the more
>important action--push technology is right for this.
>In fact, I nominate Ed Kennedy for this task--he's done a good job
>of following OVC as an "interested amateur", which is exactly the
>right level of person (not a designer/architect/programmer; and not
>necessarily an academic or politician... but smart and aware of the
>landscape). Ed's done a good job with his Wiki pages, and this is
>similar. Of course, I cannot force Ed to accept the nomination :-).
>As to setting up a mailing list: I'd be happy to do so out of my web
>host. I haven't done so before; but they offer a Mailman interface,
>which is good Python software. The list moderator/summarizer
>shouldn't have to deal with technical details, just with identifying
>points of interest (either extracted from the Voting-Project list,
>or from wider news sources; but not more than a couple items a day,
>and potentially none for several days). I'd be happy to worry about
>the technical details, including archiving.
>On the other hand... I would also be very happy to let Arthur set up
>a list at the current Majordomo used for OVC lists. In fact, all
>things being equal, I like letting Arthur do work better than me
>doing it myself. But I think this is something we need, either way.

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