Renewed call for "Daily OVC" mailing list

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 13:05:37 CDT

The article I wrote for developerWorks on the XML formats of EVM2003
will probably appear tomorrow. My hunch is that it will attract
significant traffic to the OVC site. Not the deluge of Slashdot, but
definitely noticeable (it will be slower to pick up; dW articles tend
to get re-cited by various blogs, mailing lists, programmer's websites,
and the like... each new backlink will generate hits, but they take a
week or two to propogate).

Anyway, I have a really clear idea already about what my readers will
be asking. Just about all of them will want to follow OVC events (like
that great CA Assembly resolution), but not be swamped by the intricate
discussions on the main mailing list. At this point, I'll just have to
tell interested people that they're out of luck :-(.

The solution, of course, is either updating the News section much more
frequently and/or creating a moderated "Daily OVC" mailing list of the
sort I mentioned before. I think the second is the more important
action--push technology is right for this.

In fact, I nominate Ed Kennedy for this task--he's done a good job of
following OVC as an "interested amateur", which is exactly the right
level of person (not a designer/architect/programmer; and not
necessarily an academic or politician... but smart and aware of the
landscape). Ed's done a good job with his Wiki pages, and this is
similar. Of course, I cannot force Ed to accept the nomination :-).

As to setting up a mailing list: I'd be happy to do so out of my web
host. I haven't done so before; but they offer a Mailman interface,
which is good Python software. The list moderator/summarizer shouldn't
have to deal with technical details, just with identifying points of
interest (either extracted from the Voting-Project list, or from wider
news sources; but not more than a couple items a day, and potentially
none for several days). I'd be happy to worry about the technical
details, including archiving.

On the other hand... I would also be very happy to let Arthur set up a
list at the current Majordomo used for OVC lists. In fact, all things
being equal, I like letting Arthur do work better than me doing it
myself. But I think this is something we need, either way.
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