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This might be a place to submit a paper on our EVM business processes.

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>Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:27:41 -0500 (CDT)
>From: "Selmin NURCAN" <nurcan@univ-paris1.fr>
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>Subject: [Dbworld] First CfP : "Business Process Management Tools and
> Technologies" track in IRMA 2005
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>Please consider submitting papers (full/research-in-progress)
>to the "Business Process Management and Technologies" Track
>at IRMA 2005 International Conference, to be
>held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
>for the track "Business Process Management Tools and Technologies"
>Theme: Managing Modern Organizations with Information Technology
>May 15-18, 2005
>U.S. Grant Hotel
>San Diego, California, USA
>CALL FOR PAPER for the track
>"Business Process Management Tools and Technologies"
>The full length CFP can be downloaded from
>Paper Submission Deadline --- October 4, 2004
>Notification of Acceptance/Rejection:
>...................................... November
>26, 2004
>Final Submission Due:
>January 10, 2005
>Early Registration Ends:
>January 10, 2005
>Conference Period:
>May 15-18, 2005
>As we embark on a new era of digital economy, it
>is no longer sufficient for organizations to rely
>on the use of piecemeal technologies, working in
>isolation and super-imposed on rigid structures
>and systems.
>Furthermore, the new information-based economy
>requires a real departure from a
>functionally-based modus
>operandi to one which is based on agility,
>flexibility, responsiveness and mass
>customization. The concept
>of business process management (BPM) is an
>overdue major re-alignment of the ethos of
>value-adding principles.
>It ensures that activities are integrated to
>provide high levels of synergy and focus. BPM
>seeks to optimize
>the various capabilities that exist in business
>organizations and has the potential to eliminate
>the various
>impediments from which organizations tend to
>suffer. However, the challenges that
>organizations face when
>considering the use of the BPM approach are numerous.
>Appropriate topics for the track include, but
>are not limited to the following:
>- Business process modelling, analysis and design
>- Inter- and intra-organizational process support
>- Verification and validation of business process models
>- Tools and Technologies for Business Process
>Specification, verification and validation
>- Business process improvement tools
>- Understanding the power of BPM
>- Legacy systems reengineering and migration
>- Role of IT function in BPM
>- Process-oriented ICT infrastructure development
>- Business process support systems
>- Workflow management systems
>- Fit and alignment between business structures and support systems
>- Poor strategic consideration of IT-enabled change introduction
>- Change management
>- Cultural resistance to continuous improvement
>- Core competencies/capability of organization to handle change
>- Lack of emphasis on measurement
>- Lack of teamwork culture
>- Training and people competencies development
>- BPM and IS integration
>- BPM and EAI
>- BPM and Workflow Management Systems
>- BPM and Groupware
>- ICT strategic planning
>- ICT investment appraisal and decision
>- ICT outsourcing and strategic alliances management
>- ICT effectiveness measurement
>- ICT risk management
>Selmin Nurcan
>Université Paris 1 - Panthéon - Sorbonne
>Centre de Recherche en Informatique
>90 rue de Tolbiac
>75634 Paris cedex 13, France
>e-mail: nurcan@univ-paris1.fr
>Colette Rolland
>Université Paris 1 - Panthéon - Sorbonne
>Centre de Recherche en Informatique
>90 Rue de Tolbiac
>75634 Paris cedex 13, France
>e-mail: rolland@univ-paris1.fr
>Submissions for the 2005 IRMA International
>Conference may be submitted in the following
>(All submissions will undergo a blind, peer
>review by at least three external expert
>Those individuals interested may submit a full
>length (not to exceed 3,500 words with a maximum
>5 figures/tables), original, and previously
>unpublished, conceptual or empirical research
>for review and decision. Accepted papers will be
>published in the conference proceedings in their
>entirety or as a 1500-2000 word mini-paper, as
>recommended by the reviewers. High quality papers
>will be considered for further review and
>possible inclusion in an IRMA official journal.
>In addition,
>the best paper in terms of quality and
>suitability to the theme of the conference will
>be awarded
>the 'Best Paper' Award.
>Those interested individuals may submit
>research-in-progress proposals (abstracts) or a
>summary of
>tentative results of the study to date in
>500-1000 words by October 4, 2004. Authors of
>proposals will be asked to forward a paper (not
>to exceed 2,000 words with a maximum of 3
>by January 10, 2005 for inclusion in the conference proceedings.
>Submissions in all categories must follow the
>following guidelines: (All submissions must be
>received by October 4, 2004).
>1- Manuscript must not exceed 3500 words for
>full length submissions; 2000 words for
>summary/proposal; and 1000 words for panel,
>workshop, tutorial and symposium proposals.
>2- It must be accompanied by a separate cover
>letter with every author(s) name, address, phone
>& fax
>numbers, e-mail, full affiliation and the track
>to which it is submitted. All correspondence
>will be sent
>to the first author unless otherwise specified.
>3- Submitted papers must not currently be under
>review by any other publication or conference.
>4- Submitters must provide their e-mail address
>where the acknowledgment will be forwarded.
>5- The number of submissions by an author
>(including joint authorship) is strictly limited
>to a maxiumum
>of two submissions.
>6- All submissions MUST be submitted
>electronically in either MS Word, rich text
>format (RTF).
>IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not receive an e-mail
>acknowledgment within two weeks after your
>submissions, please contact the program chair immediately.
>Send all inquiries and submissions to:
>Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, program chair, 2005 IRMA International Conference
>E-mail: <irmaconf@irma-international.org>
>Authors of accepted manuscripts and proposals
>will be asked to provide the final copy of the
>submission in
>MS Word or RTF format on diskette. Authors of
>accepted papers (at least one person),
>session chairs and panel members must register and attend the conference.
>For more information, please visit the following web pages:
>IRMA2005 International's web page :
>IRMA website : http://www.irma-international.org
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