Re: where is the Ballot Reconciliation procedure?

From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 18:15:27 CDT

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Teresa Hommel wrote:

> I'm sorry to bother everyone with this request, but I cannot find the Ballot
> Reconciliation Procedure on the OVC web site, and need help to find it now.

You can find a version of the BRP software that runs on Fedora 2 (with the
addition of Gnosis and perhaps a few RPMs from the distro CD's) at:

It runs happily on my thinkpad (T23) under Fedora 2.

I don't think it counts properly - I've been told that that wasn't part of
what it was supposed to do as demo code - but at least it runs, reads the
bar-code scanner, reads (and ejects) the CDs, etc.


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