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Date: Sat Jun 19 2004 - 12:37:59 CDT

Ballot-o-matic printer
ballot print-o-rama
instant ballot printer

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> I know... I took Latin too. But in English the phrase comes over with
> a less generic meaning. Actually, as well as archeology and geology,
> the term is used in forensics. But none of those are areas we want to
> insinuate ("we found the ballot lodged in his left ventricle...").
In addtion, I found an example of "in situ printing."

> What don't we just call the ballot itself a "Printed Summary Ballot"
> (as Arthur likes, and just an adjective order off from your
> suggestion).
I could go for either one "Summary Printed Ballot" or "Printed Summary
Ballot" with acronymns SPB or PSB. Any problems with either of the

> And the voting station that makes one a
> "Computer-Assisted Ballot [Printing|Marking] Device"
But "computer-assisted ballot printing device" does not convey the fact it
is printed on site (or on-the-spot). It still sounds like it might be a
system for printing ballots at another site then bringing them to the poll
site for marking.

"computer assisted marking device" sounds like it might be a device to mark
a pre-printed ballot.

So, I find both of these unsatisfactory.

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