EAC to release funds Next week

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 13:22:39 CDT

I received a news bulliten that says the EAC has announced it will release funding to the states probably starting next week.

The implications are obvious. But I'll mention one unfortunate thing about the timing, it is happening when many legislatures are out of session for summer and thus there will be less Legislative pushback on agressive implementation and purchasing actions by the Secretaries of State.

In my own county I am wondering out loud how it is that the county clerk (essential an elected minion subservient to the SOS) will be getting the money directly by passing the county council. the reason this is significant is that in NM state law says the counties are obligated to budget for the purchase and maintainence of Voting systems. Thus normally clerks must have county council oversite since the council is has budgetary authority. Here the clerks can bypass the council to purchase machines. This is also odd because the intial purchase is more than simply spending "free" money. It also implicity will require the council to budget additional funds for upkeep and additionally required systems like vote collators, testing hardware, and ballot designers. Thus the clerk is essentially being given the right to indebt the county and that should be illegal. In the case of my county, the council said NO to machines , but the clerk, being elected and getting the money through the SOS could ignore them an
d order them anyhow.

I wonder if people here would like to comment on that, especially on this legal argument. Is authority to purchase and the obligation to maintain written this way in your state's laws?

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