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Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 12:56:06 CDT

Alan's point is that repeatedly we have seen laws and proposals in which assumptions about the form of the ballot dont really apply to the OVC schema. Alan's original message actualy was quite clear when you understand this; too often OVC seems to fall in the cracks of various legal definitions. Alan is trying to to provide a lexicon for the law makers and policy makers that allows cases that describe the OVC schema to be unambiguosly defined. This has the desriable side effect of creating a recognition that the system is different.

to give another example, many laws talk about DREs very losely and its not clear the way some laws are written if the oVC is a DRE. its not by most standards since, for example, the official ballot record is not Directly Recorded in the Electronics. On the other hand all of the laws covering electroinc voting machinery have been lumped without distinction under the heading of DRE since no one had a clear way of distinguishing them. Thus its not always clear what laws should be applied and people may get tempeted to treat the laws like a chinese menu, picking from different sections what suits their fancy rather than trying to address them directly.

Alan is just giving us one of several terms needed to build up a new legally distinguishable unambiguous lexicon.

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I'm having a hard time figuring out what we want!

What part of the definition of "ballot" isn't sufficient? The OVC
system is basically a complicated ballot printer that also allows for
the efficiency of digital technology with respect to quick counting
(USB dongle, etc.). So, we need to have a clear illustration of the
qualities of an OVC system-printed ballot vs. everything else. In the
end, it should be the same as an "official paper ballot" with the
exception that an elections system tranlated the intent of the voter
(via touchscreen) to markings on a piece of paper (via electronic
signals and a printer).


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