Reduced Paper Ballot -- RPB

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 11:20:27 CDT

I want to start calling our paper ballot the "Reduced Paper Ballot" or
"RPB." Please use this term from now on. Standards for new voting
technologies are being written and I want standards to apply to our RPB. I
don't want some jurisdiction applying the nearest thing they have handy
(i.e., "ballot") when what is on the books may or may not fit well with our

One of problems I see with the CA Secretary of State's standards for DREs
with printers has to do with the legal standing of the printout. Mike
Shamos calls such printouts "Contemporaneous Paper Replicas" (or "CPR"). In
the standards they are referred to as "paper record copies" which I find
non-descript. The standards have numerous references about how these "paper
record copies" have to comply with state and federal standards for such
things as readability. Readability of what?

It's not clear if there are any state or federal standards that apply to
"paper record copies." I anticipate some problems with vendors trying to
design with standards for something that has no legal definition. Companies
that speculate on what will be acceptable could face large R&D costs for
redesign. For example, Accupoll clearly doesn't work with these standards
for DREs with printers since it requires that the voter not handle the

Fortunately, the DRE standards do not apply to the OVC system (I have
confirmed that with the SoS office) as it says in the first paragraph,
"These standards shall only apply to DRE systems for which an electronic
record of the vote is created by the DRE and for which that electronic
record is considered the official record."

Historically, as new voting technologies have emerged, legal code has
changed to deal with them. The OVC represents a new voting technology and
we want to make sure we get wording in the codes that is compatible with our
system. As soon as possible, let's get an article in the newspaper that
uses the term "Reduced Paper Ballot." Future conference papers by OVC
members should contain "Reduced Paper Ballot" and/or RPB.


Alan D.
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