RE: Why procedural guards matter more than technical ones

From: John Payson <jpayson_at_circad_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 17:19:23 CDT

Real world concerns are, and should be, for the procedural problems remedied by
more careful source control and release signatures. And handling of physical
components. Complexly altered BIOSs covertly installed onto thousands of
warehoused (or multi-use) PCs is *WAY* down my list of concerns. It borders on

How much do politicians spend on campaigning? The engineering required to hack
voting systems could be pretty cheap by comparison.

There are thousands of 'copy protection cracks' available for various
copy-protected programs. While some of these work by altering the code stored
on disk for the program in question, many of them work by 'faking out' the
running code by using DOS patching or other such trickery. Coming up with a
BIOS patch to make some covert changes to an election program would hardly be
rocket science.

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