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The difficulties in determining running software are not TECHNICAL, but
PROCEDURAL. Miami-Dade did not follow best practices in terms of
chain-of-custody, running checksums, verifying signatures, and so on.
Object code can easily have 'md5sum' run against it, as can source

Actually, the difficulties are technical. Suppose the software in question is
being run on a 16-bit computer that uses e.g. a 1024Kx16 SRAM. It would be
possible for someone with a few million dollars [and turning a major election
would be worth a lot more than that!] to produce a chip package which looked
like a 1024Kx16 SRAM but which also contained a 'piggyback' processor that
would watch the memory bus for certain code sequences and behave
'interestingly' when those sequences were discovered. If the code that was
going to be used was open-source, it would likely be quite feasible to figure
out trappabale code sequences that could be used for this purpose.

> Is this a place that Trusted Computing (a/k/a NGSCB, a/k/a Palladium)
> could help specifically in the context of elections systems?

No, no, no, no, NO!!

The ENTIRE purpose of Palladium is to prevent Free Software from
running on machines--or at the least introduce new layers of
incompatibility between Microsoft's monopoly OS and third party (Free
or proprietary) software. Even in jest, or as devil's advocate, we
should not suggest Palladium would solve any security or anonymity

Actually, it's worse than that. One of the fundamental PURPOSES of Palladium
is to obscure what code is actually running on the processor. I don't know the
exact details, but I believe this design includes the ability to watch for
arbitrary instruction sequences and trigger special handling.

No system running Palladium should be trusted for any purpose whatsoever.
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