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Is this your first cut at a Process Model (aka Program Specification)?

I've been working on Process Model (Programming Specification if you prefer). It refers to the Data Model that I submitted last month. I've broken the system down into 9 functional areas:

Election Definition
Pre-Election Verification
Open Polls
Materialize Ballot Visually
Materialize Ballot Audio
Process Ballot Choices
Voter Verification
Store Ballot Segments
Close Polls
Prepare Precinct Totals
Post-Election Canvas
Post-Election Verification
Resolve IRV

I've broken the system down into 4 levels and built a matrix of the levels where these processes should used:

State-Wide (Secretary of State)
VES (Vote Entry Station = Voting Booth)

The Election Definition phase is ready for first review and the IRV Resolution could be ready soon.

Question: Should I consider the Process Model I've been working on to be in the scope of what you have here or is what you have here more of a higher-level overview? My intention is that we could review the Process Model, write an implementation technical spec, and then Programmers could use the Process Model to start programming.


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> This is a draft of the DGOV paper I am planning to submit to the
> workshop soon. Those who contribute to the paper (by writing
> materials) will be listed as coauthors. Those who send comments will
> be listed in the acknowledgements.
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