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From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 00:32:45 CDT

On Friday 04 June 2004 08:14 pm, charlie strauss wrote:
> Does anyone know where to get an OCR-A font for

Yes. Google has nearly 18,000 thoughts on the matter. Prices
start at about $20, which sometimes includes an OCR-B font as
well. I don't know where to download a free OCR-A or OCR-B font,
although some of the vendors have crippleware versions for
download with a few letters and numbers damaged.

Results 1 - 10 of about 17,900 for ocr-a font. (0.29 seconds)
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> linux,windows,mac or MS office or anything common?

Please note that PostScript and TrueType fonts work equally well
on reasonably recent versions of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, and
in all reasonably recent versions of MS Office, Star Office, and
Open Office. The differences in handling standard font formats
that once existed between platforms have gone away.

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> Subject: Re: [voting-project] Barcode Redux
> On Jun 4, 2004, at 7:41 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
> > That's why I want to switch to all text in font OCR-A with a
> > 2-D barcode. That approach is modular and flexible. Right
> > now, we have non-machine readable text and a 1-D barcode.

Courier font is machine-readable, though not on a pictorial

SER (substitution error rate), which indicates the probability of
a scanned character contains an error.

FRR ( the first read rate) which indicates the probability of
capturing all the data in the first attempt.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

In 1970s, ANSI proposed the OCR standards to be used to label
products or documents. OCR is a stylized font recognizable by
both human and computers. The most commonly used OCR fonts are
OCR-A and OCR-B, as shown at the right column.

OCR was selected as standards in some industries in 1970s but the
usage has been declined as the barcode technology steadily
receive the favor. The problem with OCR is that the SER is still
too high to be used in major industries.

Bar code

The substantial advantages of barcode technology is very low
printing cost and error rates. The density can be very high too
with the invention of high density linear symbologies and 2D
symbologies. The SER is usually 1 per 1 million characters and
FRR is usually higher than 90%. Due to this reason, barcode
technology is now widely used in most of industries as a means
of automatic input.

> FWIW, I agree with these points. Even if we later dropped the
> barcode, we'd still need the OCR-A font (or something
> similar). And the case for (sometimes) exceeding the info
> space of 1-D is now persuasive.
> I guess I should write to the developers list, and try to get
> these features as part of "Milestone 2".

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