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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 11:15:21 CDT

At 6:26 PM -0500 6/10/04, John Payson wrote:
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>Then you have pre-printed ballot forms plus computer printed ballot
>forms. This approach is complex and doesn't avoid ballot stuffing.
>Existing elections use optical-scan ballots and find them acceptable.
>Print-on-demand may or may not be practical, but it would be possible;
>otherwise keeping an adequate supply of ballots for each race is practical
>today and should remain so.

Existing regulations within California allow people to vote on paper
ballots instead of DRE's. There need to be enough of them in stock.
They use absentee ballot forms in general. Those ballots are
tabulated separately, and probably would be so by our system. One
reason for the separate tabulation is that such ballots include
provisional ballots, which have to be checked before tabulation. So
all those are tabulated at county elections central in counties with
DRE's such as Santa Clara County. Since you want to reconcile
counts, those should be supplied in known quantities and not printed
on demand.

We do need a way to handle provisional ballots done by EVM. Perhaps
the smart card (or equivalent) could be used to code the ballot as
provisional. Since the provisional printed ballot will be placed in
a sealed envelope with identifying info, so there won't be a match
for it at the end of the day. County central needs to resolve it.

>Allowing voters to make their selections on optical-scan paper before
>approaching the voting equipment would significantly reduce the time
>each voter
>was at a voting station, and consequently increase per-station throughput
>substantially, reducing the number of stations required.

The hand-filled-in op-scan ballot form is *different* than the OVC
print on demand ballot. There are too many problems with ballots
partly filled in by hand and partly filled-in by computer afterwards.
How do voters take their partially filled in ballot and finish the
job at a voting station? How does the voting station avoid over

When you create such a hybrid scheme for a single ballot, of course
you need to scan it in to make sure the ballot is correct. So why
introduce such error?

Unless damaged, EVM ballots will be properly scanned and correct.
Two sets of bar codes are created, so if one is damaged, use the
other. Otherwise, use the ballot number and the EBI maintained by
the voting machine.

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