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Alan, do you want to add these links to the OVC site?

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On Jun 8, 2004, at 3:14 PM, Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:
> Alright, so I hate Word Documents. For a variety of reasons... so, lo
> and behold, I go to the FEC's site to get the 2002 Voting System
> Standards, and what do I get? Well, a whole bunch of Word documents...
> from a standards-setting body!

Annoying, isn't it?! (And really not keeping with the spirit of

Anyway, Joe (or others), if you'd like to make these documents more
obvious via OVC sites, you might want to add them to our Wiki and/or
add some links to or The links
on the OVC site, unfortunately, seem a bit poorly maintained--or at
least greatly understated. I realize that a deluge of a hundred links
would just confuses readers; but I suspect a few more than those three
(perfectly excellent) links would be helpful.

In a prior note at:

I described how to upload files to the Wiki site, and link to them from
the Wiki (or from anywhere, actually). If you feel like hosting the
PDFs over there, you are welcome to (but if your site is permanent,
that's fine too).

You might want to add links to the FEC PDFs to our Wiki at:

If you have a Sourceforge account, feel free to go modify:

To include some additional things you find helpful (like the FEC PDFs).
  Those links are also a bit impoverished currently. (if you don't know
how to modify a sourceforge hosted page, or lack permissions, that's a
lesson that you probably shouldn't do so :-) ... not Joe particularly,
as a general matter).

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