RE: Barcode Redux

From: John Payson <jpayson_at_circad_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 20:04:21 CDT

To do so, you need a pre-printed ballot form for each ballot type,
you need precise printer registration for computer printing over the
pre-printed ballot form, and you need a way to give the the right
pre-printed ballot forms to the right voter (based on party for
primaries and precinct for multi-precinct polling place).

What about print-on-demand? For voters wishing to cast their ballot using an
EVM, the same machine could print the ballot form and the vote markings (thus
avoiding any registration issues). Voters wishing to save time (I would expect
queues for the EVM's) could simply pick up the appropriate ballot materials.
To avoid delays, election officials could print out ballots in batches, and
keep a pile of a couple dozen ballots for each race; when a pile got nearly
empty, the official would print more ballots for that race.
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