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If there's no personally identifiable information entered into the system,
then it can't be printed in the barcode. So if the only information input
into a voting station is:
- A precinct and (for a primary, party) number so that the station displays
the proper ballot. The poll worker punches in this number to enable the
machine before I vote.
- My votes.
- The time of day (since we have to record that, it's read from a clock)

Then there's nothing personally identifiable that I could worry about having
printed on the ballot.

Am I missing something?

- LP

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> Put more bluntly, it is impossible for a warm, fuzzy biped to satisfy
> himself that a ballot containing a printed barcode DOES NOT contain any
> personally identifiable information on it; ....
I don't know if that's true. We'll certainly look at the trustworthiness
(technically and psychologically) of barcodes in our full funded study. We
will avoid make important strategic decisions based on hunches.

Alan D.

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