Re: Ballots, limits of security and printers

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 19:51:30 CDT

At 12:11 PM -0700 6/6/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
> One solution that has not yet been presented as to the bar code
>issue is to make it part of a tear off voter's receipt. This would
>require at least pre perforated ballot stock but may make the
>OCR/bar code issue a little easier to deal with. Yes, the
>perforations may make it a little more difficult to run through a
>sheet feeder. I guess that would have to be a product acceptance

How, then, can you reconcile the paper ballot vs the electronic
version? The bar code is used for that reconciliation process.

Such lunacy was why P&G had to get rid of their moon and stars logo.

I guess people who feel that 666 is in bar codes must not buy
products with UPC codes. Let them vote absentee if they wish to
avoid a bar code.

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