Re: Joint paper for WPES 2004

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 19:42:05 CDT

At 11:27 AM -0500 6/6/04, Douglas W. Jones wrote:
>On Jun 6, 2004, at 9:40 AM, David Mertz wrote:
>>We're looking for < 15 pages, right? The outline seems reasonable
>>for that, just checking for how much detail a given thing covers.
>>>1. Introduction - Why a secret ballot? [< 1 page?]
> Look up what John Stuart Mill had to say on the subject, in
> On Liberty. He was against secret ballots.
> Look up the Secret Ballot Act of 1872, in England.
>>>2. Secret Ballot Requirements [<1 page?]
>>>FEC rules/Timing of ballots kept/Contents of ballots kept/not linked
> Secret ballots are a matter of state law, so citing
> sample state laws makes sense. (One state in the US
> still allows voters to make non-secret votes, if
> they wish! I think it's an Appalacian state, but
> I forget which.)
>>>3. How Secrecy Could Be Compromised [2-3 pages?]
>> ++ Introduce concept of covert channel
>>>Recording clickstreams, sequence of voter information, timestamp
>>>of voter information (EBI timestamped in file system or database).
>>>Voter check-in system linked to registration data
>>>Does smart card given at voter check-in contain any personally
>>>identifying data?
>> ++ At conference, Avi Rubin mentioned a Tempest attack. OVC
>>doesn't solve this, but paper should probably make a mention.
> In general, video display on CRT is far harder to
> secure against Tempest than flat screens. The CRT
> tends to radiate a base-band video signal that's
> easy to pick up and decode. Someone needs to look
> up what flat screens radiate.

Good points, Doug. Would you like to write these up and contribute
to the "Stone Soup"? Thanks.

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