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Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 02:47:16 CDT

At 6:53 PM -0400 6/5/04, David Mertz wrote:
>Hi Arthur,
>Arthur Keller <> wrote:
>|I'd be happy to present and go to the conference (I can get UCSC to
>|pay for me). It's fine for you to reuse portions of the article in
>|your dW column, particularly if you reference the article "for more
>|details." Anyone else want to write? Those who contribute get to be
>|on the authors list.
>That sounds good.
>I'd love to do the write-up for some portion of the paper, in
>cooperation with you (Arthur) and/or other co-authors. I'm quite fond
>of co-authoring, in general. Not being an academic now, it doesn't
>really matter how much I have on my CV, but there's certainly no harm in
>being listed one more acadmic-ish paper (and doing the work that
>corresponds with that).
>Since you'd be presenting, Arthur, do you have a general title in mind,
>or an outline of subtopics you'd like to address? I've written about
>pretty much every aspect on this list, so whichever topic(s) you'd like
>me to do the coverage on, I'd be happy to assume responsibility for.

Here's the outline

Privacy Issues in Electronic Voting Machines

1. Introduction

Why a secret ballot?

2. Secret Ballot Requirements

FEC rules, etc.

Timing of ballots kept
Contents of ballots kept
Those two not linked

3. How Secrecy Could Be Compromised

Recording clickstreams, sequence of voter information, timestamp of
voter information (EBI timestamped in file system or database).

Voter check-in system linked to registration data

(See <,1413,82~1865~2182212,00.html>:
Diebold already has purchased Data Information Management Systems,
one of two firms that have a dominant role in managing
voter-registration lists in California and other states.

  "The long-term goal here is to introduce a seamless voting solution,
all the way from voter registration to (vote) tabulation," said Tom
Swidarski, Diebold senior vice president for strategic development. )

Does smart card given at voter check-in contain any personally
identifying data?

4. OVC System Overview

Polling place data

5. OVC Balances Security, Reliability and Privacy

Privacy issues in 2-D barcode (what information is there?) Obscuring
done in 1-D barcode as well.

Privacy issues in smart card (encode only ballot type and precinct,
but digitally signed).

Privacy issues in EBI (not database but separate files...files on
thumb drive need to have date and time obscured...files copied to
CD-R in random ballot ID order)

Privacy issues in ballot ID. Not sequential, but pseudo-random. Can
sequence be recreated from pseudo-random ordering? Need a truly
random seed, so sequence can't be reproduced.

Privacy issues in RII. Make sure RII is usable by those not disabled as well.

Privacy issues in printed ballot. Use of Privacy folder.

Privacy issues in BVA. Privacy folder. Head phones. What kind of
records can BVA keep and yet maintain privacy. Number of times used,
and number of consecutive times on same ballot, but not ballot ID.

Privacy issues in open source. Open source code so you know exactly
what the system does, so you can check for covert channels

Privacy issues in mulltiple languages. Each ballot always has two
languages English and either voter's foreign language or a random
one. So foreign language isn't a giveaway of vote, or even classes
of voters. Plus English means OCR can be done more easily.

Privacy issues in "public" tallying of votes. Ballot box opened only
at end of day with all votes. Need to shuffle before doing BRP in
public view.

Privacy issues in posting precinct results. Sample set is large
enough, and no subsetting just totals for each contest. But can
break down when all votes are listed for Ranked Preference Voting,
such as IRV.

Privacy issues with write-in votes. Write-in votes can be a marker
for voter. Separate reporting on a contest by contest basis.
Problem with write-in votes combined with Ranked Preference Voting.

6. Conclusions.

7. References.

Who wants to write what?

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