Re: 76-Contest Ballot Reformatted

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 13:17:28 CDT

At 10:15 AM -0700 6/5/04, charlie strauss wrote:
>Nice. Cant say I really like the OCR font as much as times font but
>it is legible. The good news is that aurthur, using the horizontal
>ines, managed to get this into 10 points and 9 point font. (OCR-A
>ten point is actully larger than times ten-point).

I used the same type size as Alan's version.

>On my computer which does not have OCR-A microsoft word seem to
>render it back into times though if you check the font it says its
>is OCR-A. This font change messes up the type setting. So if you
>dont have OCR-A on your machine besure to view the pdf documents
>instead of the MS word documents.

That's why I sent both sets.

>I note that charles barnhart's name results in the yes/(si) being
>casacaded to the next line. And of course Strom Sewer is still
>spelled with a typo.

In general, I didn't fix typos. I can make those fixes. Please send
me any others, so I can do them in one pass. Also, I was thinking of
putting *all* the Spanish text in Times to save space. Any thoughts
on that?

And yes/(si) will occasionally cascade to the next line, especially
on long names. Simple fixes to shorten yes/(si') only help a little

>My overall feeling is that for machine reading, if it is to be
>robust enought for elections, that in the end it may not matter if
>its OCR-A or times font. And times is much more eye pleasing.

Whoa! OCR-A is machine readable. Times is not reliably machine readable.

It's like saying, if they are both fast sports cars, it doesn't
matter if you drive a Ferrari or a Yugo.

Maybe you should study the theory of counterfactuals.

Best regards,

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>Subject: [voting-project] 76-Contest Ballot Reformatted
>Here are 6 files (3 in Word format and 3 in PDF format) for the
>76-race ballot. The "-format" version uses tabs to put information
>on the right of the column rather than varying numbers of spaces.
>The "-lines" version replaces the row of "- -" with a horizontal rule
>(i.e., line) that takes up hardly any vertical space. The "-OCR"
>version uses OCR-A font almost exclusively except for the Spanish SI'.
>If someone can create a PDF417 bar code, I'd like to add that too.
>(We may have to adjust the margins to get that to fit.)
>Best regards,
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