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From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 12:15:43 CDT

Nice. Cant say I really like the OCR font as much as times font but it is legible. The good news is that aurthur, using the horizontal ines, managed to get this into 10 points and 9 point font. (OCR-A ten point is actully larger than times ten-point).

On my computer which does not have OCR-A microsoft word seem to render it back into times though if you check the font it says its is OCR-A. This font change messes up the type setting. So if you dont have OCR-A on your machine besure to view the pdf documents instead of the MS word documents.

I note that charles barnhart's name results in the yes/(si) being casacaded to the next line. And of course Strom Sewer is still spelled with a typo.

My overall feeling is that for machine reading, if it is to be robust enought for elections, that in the end it may not matter if its OCR-A or times font. And times is much more eye pleasing.

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Here are 6 files (3 in Word format and 3 in PDF format) for the
76-race ballot. The "-format" version uses tabs to put information
on the right of the column rather than varying numbers of spaces.
The "-lines" version replaces the row of "- -" with a horizontal rule
(i.e., line) that takes up hardly any vertical space. The "-OCR"
version uses OCR-A font almost exclusively except for the Spanish SI'.

If someone can create a PDF417 bar code, I'd like to add that too.
(We may have to adjust the margins to get that to fit.)


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