Re: Barcode Redux

From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 00:24:46 CDT

I found this

which gives a link to a GNU GPL MICR font. unfortunately the web page
for the download and author is dead. and the item itself is in raw
format and needs conversion to truetype.

Maybe someone can track this down and find/create a true type MICR for

On Jun 4, 2004, at 11:02 PM, Charlie Strauss wrote:

> I could not find a free OCR font. I did find a font with a look and
> feel of OCR-A and I re-rendered alan's Bernalillo ballot in
> "OBLIVIOUS" font. Because it is fixed with font it has less width for
> names and the total ballot length wont fit unless I reduced it to 8 an
> 9 point font. However I not that 8 and 9 point OBLIVIOUS font appears
> to be larger than 9 and 10 point Times to the eye. It's not as pretty
> as alan's version but it severs. It actually looks a lot better
> printed than on screen.
> see it yourself
> On Jun 4, 2004, at 9:47 PM, David Mertz wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know where to get an OCR-A font for linux,windows,mac
>>>> or MS office or anything common?
>>> Anyone know where to find a Free version of OCR-A?
>> Still no GPL OCR fonts that I've found. However, in browsing around,
>> I found some samples of OCR-A, OCR-B and MICR.
>> It turns out the MICR -does- have a complete character set (letters
>> along with numbers), but except for the numbers, the glyphs are
>> highly specialized, and not human readable.
>> I also think that OCR-B is much more "natural" looking than is OCR-A.
>> Both are certainly human readable, but OCR-A kinda yells out "made
>> for computers" while OCR-B looks like a pretty normal fixed font.
>> Take a look, for example, at:
>> <000413058.gif>
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