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It might be interesting to write up the OVC approach to
accessibility, particularly the accessible ballot verification

Who wants to help write. It's stone soup time.

Best regards,

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Subject: (DBWORLD) Call for Papers - NRHM Special Issue on Accessible
Hypermedia and Multimedia
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*The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia*

The 2004 (part 2) Call for Papers - **Special Issue on Accessible
Hypermedia and Multimedia**

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished papers
electronically to the Guest Editors at the e-mail addresses below.
There is no explicit restriction on length but authors who wish to
submit a long article should contact the Guest Editors prior to
submission. In addition to full papers we will also consider smaller
Technical Notes of 3500 words maximum - typically reporting on a
technical achievement or implementation in an early state of
research. Open theme submissions should be submitted electronically
to the NRHM Editor at the e-mail address below.

*Initial submissions for reviewing* can be sent in PDF, Postscript,
RTF or HTML following any conventional readable document format. For
Instructions to Authors for final submission of accepted papers
please see the Taylor & Francis Website

* Submission deadline: 28 June, 2004
* Acceptance notification: 16 August, 2004
* Final manuscripts due: 20 September, 2004

*Accessible Hypermedia and Multimedia*

Guest Editors:
Simon Harper, Yeliz Yesilada, Carole Goble (a-nrhm @ lists.man.ac.uk)

Conventional accessibility research has tended to be single
disciplinary in nature. However, we are concerned that this focus on
a single participant group prevents the crosspollination of ideas,
needs, and technologies from other related but separate fields. This
special issue will be decidedly cross-disciplinary and will bring
together users, accessibility experts, graphic designers, and
technologists from academia and industry to address how accessibility
can be supported. Submissions should aim to bridge academia,
commerce, and industry and we hope that arguments encompassing a
range of beliefs across the design-accessibility spectrum will be
forthcoming. This issue aims to address layout, structure, and
presentation from the viewpoint of accessible hypermedia, multimedia,
and good visual design. It is part inspired by the most recent
workshop (http://w4a.man.ac.uk) on web accessibility that was held at
the World Wide Web Conference (New York, USA, May 2004). To follow u!
  p on this workshop, this special issue attempts to focus on a number
of critical issues listed below that were in the focus of the
workshop. However, the spectrum of possible topics is not limited to
these areas. The guest editors welcome any archival quality work
related to accessible hypermedia and multimedia.

* Technological advances to support accessible hypermedia and multimedia.
* End user tools for accessibility.
* Design methodologies for accessible hypermedia and multimedia.
* Accessibility evaluation techniques and tools.
* Accessibility evaluation guidelines.
* Adaptive applications and graphics.
* Tools and techniques enabling authors to create accessible layout/content.
* Psychology of end user experiences and scenarios.
* Innovative scripting/markup languages that support accessible
hypermedia and multimedia.
* Universally accessible graphical design approaches.
* Graphical transcoding techniques.
* Accessible graphic formats and tools for their creation.

Please contact the Guest Editors if you have any questions on the
scope of the call or require further information.

Guest Editors:
Simon Harper, Yeliz Yesilada, Carole Goble (a-nrhm @ lists.man.ac.uk)

NRHM Editor Douglas Tudhope - dstudhope @ glam.ac.uk
Associate Editor Daniel Cunliffe - djcunlif @ glam.ac.uk

NRHM is a refereed journal covering research on practical and
theoretical developments in hypermedia, interactive multimedia and
related technologies. Two issues a year review and explore a topical
theme from diverse perspectives. The main theme for NRHM 2004 (part
2) is 'Accessible Hypermedia and Multimedia'. We are also continuing
the open topic sub-theme for high quality papers meeting NRHM's scope
in general.

NRHM has recently been acquired by Taylor & Francis
<http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/13614568.asp> and will now
appear in both print and digital formats. We are particularly
interested in exploring possibilities for the digital medium, for
example digital video clips illustrating environments, data or
interfaces discussed in the paper. Authors are encouraged to contact
the Editor regarding other proposals for related digital material.

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