Re: Notes #1 from KSG/NSF symposium

From: Ken Restivo <ken_at_restivo_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 11:07:28 CDT

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The common convention I've seen all over open-source-land is something like:

I've been on this list for 2 days and so far it looks to me like "ovc-developers".

I, too, only have time to chase ovc-announcements, if one comes into existence.

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On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 11:31:31AM -0400, David Mertz wrote:
> I got back last night from the symposium at Harvard, which I think went
> very well... I presented OVC's goals and design to many people (I think
> better than a formal demo would have, actually). It was attended by a
> quite diverse group, about 50-60 people, all quite prominent in their
> various fields. E.g. (mostly selected from those people I had a chance
> to talk with personally at reasonable length): MN Sec of State Mary
> Keffmeyer; elections supervisors (titles vary) for LA County, Connie
> McCormack, and for NYC, Doug Kellner; cryptographers Avi Rubin and Ron
> Rivest; reps from ACLU, NAACP, EPIC, CPSR; general council for MA IT,
> Linda Hamel, who works on open software for states; chief elections
> attorney for CT, Albert Lenge; and OVC familiars like Teresa Hommel and
> Kim Alexander.
> I even have hopes I moved Rebecca Mercuri a nudge closer to understand
> why Free Software is about democracy, not technocratic utility. I
> apologize if I misspelled anyone's name off the top of my head. Also,
> Eron Lloyd attended, and it was nice to meet him face-to-face (and his
> charming young wife; Eron also being a fresh-faced kid to us oldsters
> :-)).
> The organizers will publish notes soon, so I'll wait for that to
> refresh my memories of names and sequence. In the meanwhile, two brief
> comments occurred fairly frequently among people I spoke with:
> (1) LOTS of people who generally like the design immediately have
> doubts about the barcode, and recommend without prompting that OCR is
> better for transparency to voters. Almost everyone, actually.
> (2) We REALLY need some kind of "announcement" or "state of OVC"
> mailing list that is MUCH lower traffic than this one. Just about
> everyone told me they'd like to follow the progress, but no one said
> they wanted an extra thousand messages a month. A website that was
> updated more regularly might serve this purpose somewhat, but not as
> well as a "push" mailing list.
> As I envision such a thing, we should send out notes no more than once
> a day to the "summary" subscribers. I think it would be OK to include
> someone describing the state of discussion on the main (and developer)
> list. E.g. a sentence like "A long historical ballot from NM was
> presented by Charlie Straus, Alan Dechert created a mockup of how OVC
> systems might print such a race; and Chalie asked about the information
> entropy of this ballot" would not be too much for someone to read...
> they just wouldn't want the half dozen full posts. Relevant external
> events should certainly be mentioned too.
> So volunteers to run a "Daily OVC" mailing list. Such a list should
> definitely *NOT* be open to just anyone posting to it. At most two to
> three people should have posting permission... probably only one
> person. Ideally, the person should be someone who is--well, not
> me--but specifically, someone who would like to do more, but is not a
> coder per se (whose time is useful for coding), and probably not
> someone who is spending lots of time on lobbying and grant writing.
> Yours, David...

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