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From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 14:36:27 CDT

I intend to respond to this RFP. There may be a way (or ways) that the ballot from our Electronic Ballot Printer (EBP) could be produced remotely and sent in to be counted -- either by USPS or some other method. I would also like to consider how our system could work for overseas military voting.

Our proposal could stand alone as a PEW grant request, or could be a part of some other proposal to be funded from a government source.

In any case, it's something we need to address. So far, OVC has been demonstrating a pollsite voting system.

This subject (integrating our EBP with an absentee system) seemed to be of great interest at the presentation I did last month at SLAC. The thing we have to prove is different with the absentee system. With the pollsite system, we need to prove the that ballots were created at one of the voting booths on Election Day. With the remote system, we need to prove that

- the ballot gets created with the appropriate software and
- uses the appropriate ballot definition file, and
- the ballot was done by an authorized voter.

In some sense, these are the same things we have to prove at the pollsite -- easier there because the whole process is observable. Voters could print the ballots at home, or at a public location, or mobile unit, or at the home of a friend or relative. There should be a way to generate a code that will be unique to each ballot and prove that the software used was authentic.

As for proving that it was done by the voter, we can't do that. However, that situation is no worse that current absentee ballots.

Alan D.

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RFP is in regards to the previous email. Thank you.


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