Great News! Frank says he can solve the "Election Integrity" Equation!

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 13:56:44 CDT

I am SO excited!!!

I apologize for not running all my recent new work on calculating
audit percentages by the list to peer review it before releasing it,
but I've been SO excited about this discovery that I had to instantly
share and the new calculations I did were simple enough to know they
are correct.

Frank Stenger just called me just now and unbelievably he has been
able to solve the equation, that I had no clue how to solve and that
the Brennan Center gave up on trying to solve! I knew that if anyone
could solve it, Frank could. He is such a genius.

I am naming the result the "Election Integrity" formula because it
will ensure that all future election results put the correct people in
office. It will give an easy way for independent auditors to
determine correct audit percentages.

This is how election integrity activists will get this new method implemented:

All of the major organizations (US League of Women Voters, US GAO, the
Brennan Center, VerifiedVoting, the Carter-Baker Election Reform
Committee, and NSF-funded project ACCURATE scientists) all now agree
with us that independent audits of elections are needed.

If language is inserted into all audit legislation that merely
requires something that everyone agrees upon like:

"Vote count audits should be designed to give a high probability that
no election outcomes are wrongfully altered."

then independent auditors will be forced to use our "election
integrity" formula for calculating percentages of vote counts to

Anyway, I am very hopeful.

We are still awaiting the work of Jonathan Simon and Bruce O'Dell who
are apparently designing an audit procedure for the more flawed voting
systems (of which there are many) that use central count opscan
without breaking out precinct counts, such as systems that many
jurisdictions use for counting mail-in votes.

However, unfortunately, we still must consider that the U.S. has the
worst voting systems in history going into the upcoming November
election because fewer people than ever before can wrongfully
undetectably alter more votes. Only 12 states conduct any type of
audits, and many of their existing audit procedures are sham
procedures and all of those states' procedures are inadequate to
prevent all outcome-altering vote miscounts.

Therefore we 'really' need your financial help to hire some part-time
help, legal assistance, etc. to get the election data archive project

PLease donate a mere $10 or $20/month if you can afford to through
Paypal at

THANK YOU FRANK. You're a genius for being able to solve the equation
that will give us an "Election Integrity" formula! I love you.

This is SO EXCITING. Who would have thought that a simple (but not to
solve for it) formula would be able to solve our election integrity

Please see the newly revised NEDA audit paper and spreadsheet
calculator which I will update as soon as I can with the work Frank
Stenger is finishing. Yea Frank!

If we could get some funding for it, we could do a joint project with
the Open Voting Consortium, which includes some of the ACCURATE
scientists and specify in more detail, best practices for audit


Kathy Dopp
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