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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Jul 15 2006 - 20:03:41 CDT

At the NASS conference I became embroiled in controversy when I stood up in
front of the group and suggested that the EAC Technical Guidelines
Development Cmte (TGDC) was composed of persons who were unqualified because
they lacked degrees in computer science and computer engineering.

I was told I was incorrect and have been asked to converse further with Paul
Gregario, Tom Wilkey, etc. on this topic which is, to be truthful, out of my
area of expertise, but I thought someone needed to address it at the

So, Can anyone please (and thanks to Doug and others) inform me about what
you know of these people on the TGDC committee?

For instance, which members have what degrees, and are qualified and which
members are not?

Tom Wilkey and Paul Gregoria insisted that "experience" makes the members
qualified despite lack of degrees. I then asked them "Would you hire a
doctor who had not been to med school or an attorney who had not been to law

Unfortunately I have no time for this and only a few days to get ready to
attend the US Green Party Convention where I'll be giving a workshop and
have not begun to plan my presentation and my truck camper needs fixing. So
I would really appreciate your help.

Dr. Semerjian read the names off of the TGDC members:

H. Stephen Berger TEM Consulting, LP- Chair, IEEE SEC 38 (Voting Syst.
Stds.) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Georgetown,

Donetta Davidson Colorado Secretary of State Standards Board ( EAC )
Denver, CO

Dr. Brittain Williams Retired professor- Kennesaw State- University of
Georgia National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) Tucker, GA

[I know Britt's degree is polisci and he is not qualified- except as a

Alice Miller Director of Elections-District of Columbia Standards Board (
EAC ) Washington, DC

Paul Craft Florida Department of State, Voting Systems Division National
Association of State Election Directors (NASED) Tallahassee, FL

[What is Paul's degree? Is he the hotel management/accounting person?]

Sharon Turner Buie Director of Elections-Kansas City Board of Advisors (
EAC ) Kansas City, MO

Dr. Ronald Rivest Professor, MIT-Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science Cambridge, MA

Helen Purcell Maricopa County Recorder, Board of Advisors ( EAC ) Phoenix,

Dr. Daniel Schutzer Vice President & Director of External Standards and
Advanced Technology, e-Citi, CitiGroup Stamford, CT

Dr. James ("J.R.") R. Harding Architectural and Transportation Barrier
Compliance Board Tallahassee, FL

Patrick Gannon President and CEO, OASIS Billerica, MA

James Elekes Architectural and Transportation Barrier Compliance Board
North Plainfield, NJ

Whitney Quesenbery President-Usability Professionals' Association High
Bridge, NJ

Ann Caldas Director Procedures and Standards Administration American
National Standards Institute (ANSI) New York, NY

The Commissioners then asked Dr. Semerjian a series of questions.


Who is Dr. Semerjian?

Who are these people?

How many of these folks have qualifications for making technical decisions?

Brian Hancock of the EAC, said that the EAC will soon hire a new technical
person to work for the EAC (with a degree in computer engineering or
science), so perhaps we should look for that job notification and encourage
people with qualifications to apply.

I should probably not have gotten myself into this whole argument, but now
that I am involved, any help is appreciated.


Kathy Dopp
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