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Forwarding this interesting bit from Brent Turner ....

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The International Association of Clerks, Recorder, Election Officials and Treasurers held their annual convention last week at the Marriot Hotel in San Francisco. The opening cocktail party was elegantly catered in the main ballroom as a six piece band provided dance music. Election officials from all over the country indulged in libations and danced without a care into the wee hours of the San Francisco night. The view bar on the 39th floor filled up with more election officials, these ones surrounded by computer software salespeople. I engaged in conversation with many nice people, although the computer company salespeople were fairly quick to terminate the conversation if I mentioned I was associated with a scientific software consortium. I left after a few hours of interaction as I was attending the seminars early the next day. By the way this kickoff party was on the 4th of July.


The next day I watched Willie Brown speak after the opening prayer at the general session. He was outrageous with proclomations and divided the crowd- Later I attended a seminar specifically for election officials on the topic of Hurricane Katrina- The information I heard, as a layperson, seemed obvious and light. It was stated that buying a generator was a good idea. Jokes were made regarding praying for the Hurricane to strike somewhere other than the speaker's precincts- Interestingly I witnessed an elderly official fall put of her chair dramatically to the floor in a dead sleep- She was not hurt and I felt bad for both her and the speaker. The seminar than changed focus when Roy Saltman began his presentation on" The history and politics of voting technology "- Mr. Saltman referenced his new book throughout his presentation and highlighted Ohio and Florida as problem areas. As he asked for questions at the conclusion, a voting official

from Florida took exception to Mr. Saltman's book being for sale at the convention and said as an incoming member of the IACREOT board of directors he would see to it that this was disallowed in the future. The seminar was then quickly ended. I did not attend the party of the July 5th called " Vendor Vino and All that Jazz " This was the big vendor/attendee schmooze fest starting at 6pm- I did not need to witness the vendors and the election officials partying together a second time- I'm sure there would have been good stories but I think we all get the point. This style of fraternization is foundationally inappropriate between election officials and voting machine companies. The vendors also were sending attendees on wine junkets to Napa Valley. If these people were bowling alley owners being courted by bowling ball makers that would be one thing but this was absurd. The officials were mostly well mannered and friendly as regular vacationers but I naturally object to the concept of an association arranging these personal relationships between vendor and official.


Thursday day three I went to witness Mcpherson address the General Session but he cancelled- I took three officials to lunch at Original Joe's and felt like we had good conversation- They were outspokenly anti- corruption and enjoyed the garlic bread. I caught another seminar and retreated-

Friday the 7th I took my friend's eleven year old boy with me to meet Diebold and see the tradeshow- He played with the machines and is now well versed regarding vote fraud-















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