Re: Observations on the new VVSG Guidelines

From: Richard C. Johnson <dick_at_iwwco_dot_com>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 08:15:45 CDT

Hi Ron!
The link to the Guidelines (so called) would be helpful, as would an organized means of delivering a response. What is the purpose of the response, other than self-expression? My opinion is that a response might be an important resource for friendly press and politicians. Notice that the unfriendlies of both varieties are numerous and active.
Also--you might want to join a group and circulate your comments among them for review. The purpose of the comments is key; at least some press and polititians care about truth, and we might want to organize our comments towards persuading the persuadable.
-- Dick

Ron Crane <> wrote:
Kathy Dopp wrote:

> Ron Crane wrote:
>> In a few words, these Guidelines do very little to enhance e-voting
>> security and nothing to enhance transparency. They enshrine secret
>> source and the failed test labs -- and even allow the use of wireless
>> devices in voting systems. In many more words, here are my
>> observations following a (rather quick) review of this huge document.
>> We need to let EAC know what we think of their Guidelines, why, and
>> what they can do to tighten them.
>> -R
> Ron,
> Can you do us a favor please? Send out an email just like above with
> your attached response that (both) includes actual links to the actual
> EAC guidelines with a sentence of background information that election
> activists can forward to our email announcements list to folks that
> don't follow this issue & maybe include a suggestion for action.
> Thanks. We can probably get some wider coverage that way.
> Best,
> Kathy

This draft contains some intemperate language, and is too technical for
most people. I'm hoping that it becomes the seed of OVC's response to
the Guidelines -- after much review and revision. I'm willing to write a
short summary for the purposes you cite. Would that be useful?

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