Re: Re: Small Linux platforms-bidding on real RFPs

From: Nathan L. Adams <nadams_at_ieee_dot_org>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 20:45:02 CDT

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David Webber (XML) wrote:
> Nathan,
> If everything connects thru bindings and neutral
> APIs it allows implementers to integrate into their
> own environment.
> I believe while you want a reference implementation
> that is non-proprietary - you cannot exclude people
> integrating your components into their solution -
> especially if you offer an OSI license.

As long as they follow the letter of the licence (GPLv2 for example),
they are more than welcome to use the 'components'.

> In fact you postively *want* to encourage as broad
> an adoption as possible.

Of course we want broad adoption... of a completely open system.

> That's the basis I see - that you have a core foundation,
> but that is non-exclusive.

The OVC is exclusive to open source solutions because the voting public
deserves better than a closed source black box. *That* is the basis.

> Otherwise there is an issue - the OVC can potentially
> fall foul of exactly the same pitfall that vendors are -
> where they want to own the solution space to the
> exclusion of everyone else.

So now you're suggesting that F/OSS excludes others from participating?

> Therefore to avoid this - you want to encourage people
> to adopt as much from the OVC approach as practical
> but stopping short of mandating OVC to the exclusion
> of everything else.

No, I want the voting technology to be completely open. Period.
Otherwise it is not trustworthy. Period. I don't care if that happens to
fit in well with a particular companies' current business model. This
isn't a business venture; we're here to secure the voting process.
Clever business people will figure out how to profit with a completely
open technology, but that is *not* the prime objective here.


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