Re: Small Linux platforms-bidding on real RFPs (Nathan L. Adams)

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 14:17:37 CDT


The two approaches are not mutually exclusive.

One is short term focused to drive adoption
and buy-in, the other is longer term with
higher goals.

Only the presentation layer components are
potentially different - using COTS for the
presentation layer.

In both cases the idea should be to establish
presentation layer independence - so that
a wide variety of COTS presentation layer
solutions can be supported.

In this case - we're allowing the presentation
layer to create XML that is then handled by
the OSI voting components underneath that.

And the reverse - counting results are passed
as XML to the presentation layer for display.

This seems to me to be pragmatic and sensible.
It simply does not make sense to have to
write everything from scratch.

What's next - creating your own OSI chipset?


> >
> > Anyway - hopefully other people are interested in
> > contributing.
> Hopefully, they'll put their time and effort into the OVC.
> Nathan
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