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From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 14:47:12 CDT


I have been seriously considering this - partnering with someone like Adobe
(who have expressed private interest) - and use their DOD certified form
tools (gets around alot of issues with proposed solution not being federally
certified), and then marrying the XML that the XFA forms produce into some
simple open source C routines to store as EML compliant vote records,
control printing, and then similarly doing open source counting and tallying
from stored XML records. I explain this approach - amrrying form
environment to OSI layer - in the slides I have at the TLV primer. I'd settle for something less
than full TLV in interest of getting operational base system running first

This would need a PM, plus team of about 4 or 5 solid programmers and
testers for six months to turn around a serious project.

We are dangerously close to getting this on its feet.

It's not perfect - but it is potentially viable - notice - I'm being
pragmatic here - winning a bid is not the same as being purists who are
holier than thou OSI zealots - here we have to give to gain. Once we have
some project traction - then we can move to create an entirely OSI solution
as the ultimate phase 2 version. Besides - the big win with Adobe is name
recognition, speed to market, and the fact that the reader software is
freeware that is DOD certified. Also their SW does many cool things - like
built-in encryption, dSig, and ability to write PDF images of ballot forms -
all for free that would take months of development to do ourselves. And it
runs on *nix platforms.

I think if we had a University faculty or two prepared to support the bid in
a joint venture, then it would carry a lot more weight, plus maybe a service
provider such as PWC, SAIC or similar to also be part of the solution mix to
provide field support.

This I think will also be necessary to get on the closed bidders list that
the States BOE seem to use - of pre-qualified vendors.

If people think they can bring some serious resources to the table to make
this happen - such as a team administrator - who can organize conference
calls, follow-up with target state BOE, and be a focal point for bid
planning - then I'd be interested. I'm not offering to be that person
myself - I cannot afford to do that unless someone wants to pay me to do
it - I need to work for a living in the meantime.

But I can bring on-the-ground contacts at places like Adobe, and with SAIC,
PwC and more here in Wash DC area to the table - if other people can provide
the other peices.

Creating a quick web resource site is easy to announce the launch of the
project - that we can do in a day or two - actually getting serious work
occurring beyond that to actually win a RFP requires much more effort....

We can do this if people want to commit the necessary seed resources here
and name recognition in support.


> Hi Folks!
> Well, why not go for it?
> It would be relatively simple and inexpensive to organize a response to
RFPs from a state for voting machines. This would mean more than 1,000
machines and would mean that, if the bid were accepted, the contract could
even be used as collateral for the $$$ necessary to produce the system.
More likely, a contract would mean periodic payments and collaboration with
state election officials.

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