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From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Jul 16 2005 - 20:07:00 CDT

> Alan,
> I'm not sure getting vendors to publish source code does much at all,
> beyond
> token PR.
> You have know idea if the executable was actually created from that source
> code, nor if the source code makes function calls to system routines that
> themselves change or modify either voting behaviour or executable code
> itself.
I added, "and all information needed to reproduce these test results." I
made it more specific than the Illinois legislation. I'm not sure if putting
in more specifics is needed or not. Maybe so. If you have another sentence
or so, let me know.

> Anyway - I'm not saying the artifacts from testing and certification are
> not
> good - that is definately worthwhile.
Yes, I think this will be very worthwhile. We're in a long drawnout
political battle. This is a step. SB 1438 was a step in CA -- it's a piece
of crap, really, but it does something to move us in the right direction.
We were able to do it and we did. SB 370 will move us a bit further. SB
1438 says something like "the paper record copy is produced by the voter
verified paper audit trail printing mechanism" but doesn't actually say what
the "paper record copy" is or what to do with it (it actually says the paper
record copy IS NOT A BALLOT). SB 370 says you have to use this paper record
copy thingy in manual counts -- routine audits and recounts. So, SB 370
will be another step in the right direction, although it raises its own
theoretical and practical issues.

In short, this is a process.

> I'd like at some point to press for use of public open source components,
> but this is catch22 - first of all we need a robust set of such to point
> to
> for implementers to use.
> Next year... ; -)
Open Voting is a long term project. I think we can get the whole thing done
in about 10 years.

Alan D.

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