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From: Cameron L. Spitzer <cls_at_truffula_dot_sj_dot_ca_dot_us>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 00:00:06 CDT

>Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:31:19 -0700 (PDT)
>From: "Edmund R. Kennedy" <>
>Subject: Re: [OVC-discuss] Current OVC codebase download?
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>Hello David:

>Try <>. I'm
>not sure, but I believe it's currently tailored for
>Debian Linux. I'm still waiting for an iso image of
>the software with Linux. How about all 41mb of Slax
>Frodo folks?
><>. There's
>something there about creating modules.

I'm sorry, that's my bad. I downloaded the tarball from
sourceforge and realized I didn't know where to start
or where I was going. So I set it on the to-do-later
pile. Then Knoppix switched from the build path it
had been using, which is documented in a Linux Journal
article, an O'Reilly "Hacks" book, and at least two online
tutorials (they're all wrong, but you can triangulate to
a working procedure from any three of them), to a new
setup based on a new file system (UNIONFS)
that isn't part of the standard kernel. I knew how
to make a customized Knoppix 3.7 but I don't have a clue
how to modify 3.9 without breaking it.

I've always admired the programmers who can just look
at a code tree and figure out where main() is and
what the thing does and how you use it. It's a knack
you're born with, and if you have it you have no
idea how rare it is. Someone tells you a URL, and it leads
to a set of files to download, and you just know.
The rest of us need some kind of written directions.
(That's what I loved about the second Linux distro I ever tried,
"HJ's GCC." It came on five floppies. HJ's English was
awful, but he *got* it about the difference between those
with the knack and those without. The complete
"HJ's GCC" documentation/release notes/howto was an email
you could print on two pages. Nothing missing, nothing
extra, and 100% accurate. This was back when most of the
libraries and the X server were extras you had to find
and compile. "HJ's GCC" was my only OS at home for two years,
until Slackware got its act together, and it beat hell out
of SCO's System V.)

I found a collection of .WAV files
in Also BVA.PRG and BVA.EXE.
Seems to be a DOS or win32 app.
There's a set of Python sources in evm-brp-04192004.tar.gz.
The sourceforge release note is empty. Just for fun I
tried running brp/ Bombs at line 7,
"ImportError: No module named qt".
I installed python-qt3 and python-qt-dev. Bombs at line 9,
"ImportError: No module named gnosis.xml.objectify"
Debian package search comes up empty.
Google leads me to, which seems to be some kind
of puzzle. There's a review of Live Linux CDs from last
year by Dr. Mertz, which mentions a Live CD called EVMix.
First I've heard of that.
This leads into an archived discussion at of a demo
to be based on Strongbox. Then a bunch of people are
asking how to install it and the trail peters out.

It's back on the to-do-later pile. Too much detective work.


PS., one of the greatest engineers I ever worked for
told me the only real product of any engineering department is
documentation. Nobody gives a damn about the prototype
board you just got working in the lab, or the kernel
binary you just built on your special office environment,
because there's only one and nobody knows how to build
another. I've heard that was the problem with Netscape 4 that
forced them to sell out to AOL, it took seven different
complilers or something and nobody could built it. I think he's
an architect at cisco now, or retired.

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