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Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 14:36:45 CDT


I'm definately wanting to respond. One way of
approaching this is to compare to NIST VVSG2

and figure out the deltas / missing bits -
pges 96 to 98 are key in NIST VVSG2.

I also see we can possibly make a joint
OASIS EML / OVC submission here - as
that can add extra weight to our wishlist...

I think if we could engage the same OVC
team as we did for the GAO response.
Also we need to figure out an overview of
what we want to say - maybe 4 parts:

- Architecture / Approach
   o the current EAC approach is attempt
      to fetch the horse back after its already
      gone. That testing approach does not
      address the fundamental need to catch
      problems during certification
   o What OVC / EML brings to the table
       (summary of GAO hit points)
- Missing / Omissions
    o See what VVSG2 has that VVSG1 does not
- Errors / Clarifications
    o Many things they test are wildly underspec'd
       so virtually any old implementation passes..
- Summary / Conclusions
   o Tell them what we really think! ; -)


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There is a lot to consider here. Any takers?

Alan D.
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