Re: Bev Harris Trashed OVC at theHouston ElectionHearing

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 11:59:38 CDT

Jim Said:

> Now what this tells me TODAY is that, if you're a non-academic, the
> "scientific community" will always treat you with disdain even if you
> are OBVIOUSLY and CLEARLY correct.

Alan Dechert wrote:

> I just can't take this comment seriously. There is a certain amount
> of academic snobbery out there, but plenty of academics understand
> that the world is not run by academics, and that non-academics have
> plenty of good ideas.
> I have co-authored quite a few articles with academics --

Alan, I agree. Academics have never mistreated or discounted what I've
had to say, even though I'm not one of them. I have personally
instigated and coordinated many collaborative papers with academics that
they have allowed me to lead them in authoring, despite not being one.
A partial list of the papers I've written with the help of PhD
academicians - including computer scientists and mathematicians and
statisticians is in the bibliography section here:

If Bev treated academics with more respect and was more willing to
listen to them and learn from them, then she would have more
cooperation and assistance from them. I've found that a lot of people
who've not done the rigorous studies required to understand certain
fields would like to discount and dismiss the academicians who have done
and are dedicated to continue to do the hard and time-consuming academic
work. i.e. Lots of non-academcians would like to pretend that they
understand a lot more than the academicians and dismiss them, without
the bother of the hard work and study that the academicians discipline
themselves to doing. Bev is one of those people IMO who malign
academicians and refuses to listen so she can learn what they know, so
of course they won't work with her. Bev tries (in my own experience) to
bully folks into adopting her approach without bothering to listen to or
do the work required to understand other approaches that may be better
than hers but which would take time and study to understand that she is
unwilling to do. If Bev is unwilling to do the due diligence that it
takes to understand the solutions to ensuring accurate vote counts, then
she should stick to what she does fabulously well - pointing out the
problems and not proscribe solutions.


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