Re: Understanding difference between TLV, EML, VVPB and what the vendors want to flog as VVPAT

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 23:43:55 CDT

David Webber (XML) wrote:

>I agree that precious little sanity is getting thru. Like Maryland
>has spent $80M on Diebold kit - to service 1.6M votes - that
>works out as $50 per vote - just to fill out a government
>form and turn it in. And the cost keeps going up - because of
>ongoing maintenance and more 'hidden' costs.
I need help from folks on this list please.

I need links to any articles or documents like this you mention above
that show how Diebold machines are costly or can be easily hacked or
have been involved in statistically suspicious or obviously miscounted

Please send me a URLs for any such story.

I have to finish writing a paper (12 pages so far) on Diebold by Monday
that is going to be turned in to my city attorney's office who requested
the letter, city council, county commissioners, and while I'm at it - my
county clerk, the news reporter I am interviewing with on Monday, Utah
state election officials, and other voting activists who are saddled
with or threatened by Diebold and might be able to use it.

I am recommending that the city attorney require Diebold to produce
three things before testing their voting equipment:

1. a working demonstration of a system to recount their paper rolls

2. all the open source specs for any technician to build a system for
independently auditing their paper rolls

3. a written guarantee that the Diebold DREs meet HAVA requirements for
disabled voters

The paper includes these sections:

Abstract 3 <#_Toc107994846>

Why did Utah's Lt. Governor select Diebold?. 4 <#_Toc107994847>

But Can't "Logic and Accuracy" Testing Detect the Problems?. 5

But if Votes Are Deliberately Embezzled, Won't there be Evidence to
Prove It? 6 <#_Toc107994849>

But Won't We Lose Money if We Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth?. 7

Who Says Diebold machines are Easily Hacked?. 8 <#_Toc107994851>

Have Diebold voting machines put the Wrong Candidates into Office? 8

But Aren't Diebold DREs Good for Disabled Voters?. 8 <#_Toc107994853>

Is America Wide Open to Insider Vote Embezzlement?. 9 <#_Toc107994854>

How Can We Ensure Accurate Vote Counts?. 9 <#_Toc107994855>

Conclusions. 11 <#_Toc107994856>

Best Recommendations. 11 <#_Toc107994857>

Minimum Recommendations <#_Toc107994858>

I've worked on this paper for over 14 hours so far since yesterday when
I was asked to write a letter to the city after speaking with the legal
assistant and getting a good feel for common misperceptions, but I still
have three sections and footnotes to finish and could very much use help
collecting Diebold links.

I hope it will be helpfull.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kathy 12 <#_Toc107994858>
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