Re: Understanding difference between TLV, EML, VVPB and what the vendors want to flog as VVPAT

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 22:53:43 CDT


Thanks for the clarifications.

Reality on the ground is that the States administrators are
treating this like they have to do it for a variety of pressures.
Noone is listening to the 'do not do this' message. They all
want to hear - how do we spend this money most effectively?

I agree that precious little sanity is getting thru. Like Maryland
has spent $80M on Diebold kit - to service 1.6M votes - that
works out as $50 per vote - just to fill out a government
form and turn it in. And the cost keeps going up - because of
ongoing maintenance and more 'hidden' costs.

Frankly - I'd have preferred a check for $100 for my wife and
I to go towards the cost of school books for my kids, and us
instead voted on plain old paper.

I think people need to be educated what is happening with
their tax dollars, and just who is benefiting - cronies of
Bush Inc and their companies.

And noone is stepping back and saying - if instead of
pouring $$$$ in these companies - we funded a public
effort - then we would save close to $1B+ and change.

Perhaps someone like Senator McCain might care?

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