Re: Bev Harris Trashed OVC at the Houston Election Hearing

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 17:31:06 CDT

Jim March wrote:

> Kathy, two points:
> Kathy, it is a VERY seriously evil thing to not be willing to see
> evil going on when it's staring you in the face. That's *exactly* how
> a monster like Hitler gets into power - the ordinary German citizens
> couldn't believe he was all THAT bad until their noses were rubbed in
> the death camps post-war.

I totally agree with you there, and I thank Bev for being the soul that
she is to confront it - although I wish that she would be a little more
respectful and listen to persons who can teach her things and let the
experts proscribe the solutions. I like Bev in the sense that one always
knows where one stands with her and in that sense she is a very
trustworthy honest person.

> * It does NOT generally do any politicial movement any harm to have a
> mixture of activist positions ranging from the "very radical" to the
> milder.

I agree with you again there, but Bev should keep her attacks within the
voting activists movement and not make them publicly in front of the
camera. Plus it is Bev who needs that lecture more than anyone because
she is so intolerant of any approach other than her own, which isn't a
winning strategy at best.

I agree with you that the radicals are needed to:
1. Make the rest of us seem reasonable and nice to work with
2. Get attention and make people think about the issues who might
otherwise ignore the issue
3. Push things in the right direction
4. Make people aware
5. Collect $ and give it to USCV to build our database (I can dream
can't I?)

On another issue, I am writing a thorough document that will be useful
to any locale where Diebold has sold machines or is about to sell voting
machines. It will be done in a few days. I am writing it to present to
my local city attorney, city council, county commissioners, local
newspaper, and state election officials.

I'll post it and pass around the URL. I was hoping to get help from Bev
writing it, but guess I shot myself in the foot on that one. I was also
hoping that Bev and I might be able to work together to send letters to
state and county election offices, but unfortunately I have too low a
tolerance for being dissed.


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